project Schedule

A structured approach ensures reliable and reproducible data. The steps listed below give you an overview of our proven process.

If required, all analyzes are also carried out in the 24-hour service!

First, we consider the general feasibility as well as objective. Afterwards, we will discuss and assess with you existing requirements such as drawings or standards.

In this step we select a suitable test method taking into account part-specific features such as material, machining and geometry. This is then validated by means of a so-called “decay measurement”.

This step represents the actual sampling. Here, the parameters determined in the qualification examination are used. The result is a filter membrane on which all deposited particles become visible.
The filter is evaluated by means of a light-optical analysis method. There is a sizing and classification of the particles and their distinction in metal / non-metal / fibers.
The analysis report contains all relevant data and images of the largest particles found. The division of the size classes, number of images and more is customizable to your needs and can be made available both digitally and in paper form. Of course we are always available for further explanations.